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      "We like hangin' around your place"


A Stance On Sales,
Not Artificial Insemination

No two facilities are the same, nor are two contractors!

AL-BE's experience and knowledge can add the facility specific sidewall curtains and overshot ridgevent systems to maximize animal comfort, health and productivity.

Sidewall Curtains - AL-BE Curtains
Parlor and Shop Doors - AL-BE Curtains

Not Your Typical Contractor:

If our experience and taught us anything, it is that your facility is different than your neighbors down the road, different from a farm across town, and definitely different from a facility on the other side of the state or country. So why would you consider a one-system solution out of a national magazine?

We at AL-BE look at things a little differently. We do not strictly look how a standard cookie-cutter system can be put on your facility. Instead we listen to your needs, look at your facility and determine which of our curtain systems, and/or combinations of our curtains systems, will best address your ventilation needs.

That is why we focus on your needs first and then offer a straight, "No Bull", suggestion to meet these needs. No big sales pitch, or over-promising and under delivering. We let you know what we can do to help assist your facility and leave it at that. No pressured sales which allow you to make the best decision for your facility and budget.

We know we are not the only sidewall curtain contractor you can call, so we respect your time and needs with straightforward feedback and solutions. An approach to sales we live by, showing we at AL-BE are anything buy an "average" curtain contractor.

We Have What All Other Curtain Companies Have, PLUS MORE!
  • New, Replacement or Retrofit (We do it all)
  • Heavier hardware and fabrics to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Same or similar systems offered by other companies, plus our own proprietary systems
  • Reliable systems that will last when you need them, and the service to back it up
  • A simple, clean system that does not droop or attract moisture and rodents, leaving your facility cleaner and safer
  • Local company that has mostly all parts on hand! No more waiting 6 weeks for replacement parts
  • Over 30 years of direct farming experience plus 20 years of consulting experience from our salesman

Cross-Industry Solutions:

We offer systems and solutions for many industries including:

  • Agriculture
  • Equestrian
  • Other Farming:
    • Goat, Mink, Swine and Poultry
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Specialty:
    • Dog Kennel Curtains
    • Shelter Sidewalls/Doors


If you are looking for a quality system at a reasonable price, without all of the "Bull" you get from the other guys, then get in contact with AL-BE today!