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Agricultural Curtains

No Bull With AL-BE!

Now before we get in a debate, we are not taking a stance on artificial insemination. What we are taking a stance on is cow comfort!

Cow comfort is proven to decrease diseases and  increase production. We go the extra mile to enhance cow comfort as much as possible by building a ventilation system which helps increase adequate air flow; decreasing dangerous gases and moisture in the barn without pushing the draft in front of the cows.

To do this we cannot necessarily just offer you a "normal system", where you look in a magazine to find a curtain and install it on your farm. There are many different options and systems which can be used, but maybe only one or two systems which will actually be beneficial to your facility and cost effective for you.

To do this, we offer many systems in three main categories: New, Replacement and Retrofit. 


Top Drop and Roll, Bottom Rollup Curtain - AL-BE Curtains
Double Roll-up Clear 18oz Vinyl  Fabric Curtains - AL-BE Curtains
Double Rollup Heifer Barn Curtain System - AL-BE Curtains
Roll Up 18oz Vinyl Curtain System - AL-BE Curtains

We offer two types of new facility type of consultation

Option 1:

Our preferred method is to be brought onto the project as early as possible. This includes predesign consultation and consultation during the design of your new building and facility. This allows us to offer our experience and knowledge to help be the greatest asset to the overall project in order to maximize ventilation in the barn and have the necessary items (i.e. header board, mid-board if necessary, endcap frames, etc) for the curtains on the original bid and designs. This consultation can be done directly or as a subcontractor.

Option 2:

We come in after the facility has been built and you are looking for a sidewall curtain supplier. We can design a system for your newly built facility and offer a solution to meet your needs. While we are happy to be part of the project at this stage, there are times this becomes more expensive because we may have to work around incomplete designs which could have been part of the original construction of the building.


Before Replacement  Picture Of Outdated Single Suspension Curtain - AL-BE Curtains
After Replacement of Outdated System With New Top Suspension and Bottom Rollup Curtain - AL-BE Curtains
Before and After picture from Schneider Farms in Hilbert, WI 

When it comes to replacement curtains, there is rarely a common occurrence. Each facility is different, each has different items needing replacement (i.e. sometimes fabric only, fabric plus some hardware, or complete replacement) and each have different wants as to how to replace the worn out curtain systems.

We work with you to decide what it is you are looking for in a new sidewall curtain system and assess all of the hardware, fabric and the building itself to determine the appropriate next steps. Once we assess what can be saved, if anything, we can reuse it if we are putting up the same system or a system which requires the same type of hardware. We then provide a bid which takes into account the cheapest alternative; either reuse items or new depending on conditions.

Since replacements can be so broad in conditions and wants, we prefer to come out on location and walk the barn with you to discuss what we can do in order to meet your needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a replacement assessment.


Extended Sidewall With Double Rollup Curtains and Sun Screen - AL-BE Curtains
New Extended Wall With Double Rollup Curtain System By-Passing A No Longer Used Access Door - AL-BE Curtains

Retrofitting an old building design to meet the needs of your facility is by far the most consultative system which we at AL-BE deal with it. The reason is we literally have to determine how to extend the outside walls of your building and than decide which is the best curtain system for your facility. While this is not an impossible task the majority of the time, it does take some creative problem solving and due diligence to meet your facility's needs.

The benefit of extending the walls of your building are to allow extra lunge for your cows without having to completely rebuild your building's sidewalls. We have on multiple occasions built framing and installed it to the existing facility to allow this extra lunge and then install sidewall curtains to the newly attached framing. The curtains can be any type of system, however rollup curtains are often the most beneficial due to the lower sidewalls and the need for extra air ventilation.

We aren't going to promise it will be easy, but contact us today so we can meet and determine if a complete retrofit of your sidewall is possible and necessary.