AL-BE Curtains LLC
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Parlor Curtains

Our parlor curtains are made specifically around the components of your parlor and holding area. We customize the design around the your facility's needs and expectations.


Dairy Parlor Curtain Opened And Out Of Animals' Reach - AL-BE Curtains
Palor Curtain Open and Out Of Animals' Reach - AL-BE Curtains
Dairy Parlor Curtain Door Closed And Completely Sealed To WI Department Of Agriculture Standards - AL-BE Curtains
Automated Push Buttom Motor Drive Mounted Outside The Wall Stay Out Of Cattle Walk Ways (Wind Cap/End Cap Not Yet Installed Outside) - AL-BE Curtains

We offer multiple operating options including manual, drill drive and fully automated. With center driven rollup, you can open or close your curtain in a matter of seconds!

Our 18oz vinyl parlor divider curtains are durable and easy to clean.  The curtain divider withstands heavy use in high deteriate gas areas. The tight roll decreases exposure to curious animals, operating systems and the top of your head!


All of our systems are guaranteed to pass the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Health Inspection.