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Specialty Curtains

Sometimes there are those projects that are possible, they are just a little more unusual.  That's okay, we are far from a usual company.  We care about these things and are more then willing to look at and work with you on these projects.  We have retrofitted curtains on greenhouses, put curtain covers over feed troughs, repaired truck tarps, put sides on dog kennels and many more.  Though we cannot accommodate all requests, we will go the extra mile to try.

Dog Kennels:

  • Sidewall curtains are a great addition to kennels and help make a more enjoyable resting area for your best friends. 
  • The system keeps the harsh elements out when closed and is great for cleaning and ventilation when open. 
  • Depending on the size and application the systems can be customized with hand cranks, drill drives or automated.
  • A perfect addition to your local human society! 
Rollup Sidewall Curtain on Shawano Humane Society Dog Kennel - AL-BE Curtains
Rollup Curtain on Shawano, WI Humane Society Dog Kennel Allowing Through Ventilation During Summer and Closed For Heating Efforts During The Many Cold Months In Wisconsin - AL-BE Curtains


  • Provide advanced wind and rain shelter with a sidewall curtain
  • An economical solution verses the tradition garage door options
  • Helps control insects during evening hours after the t-ball, little league and legion games have commenced 
  • Secured/locked operating systems to deter and avoid any unwanted and dangerous operation of the sidewalls
  • Attached galvanized windpipe system eliminating the danger of strangulation or getting caught in ropes or straps. Required for all systems!
Legion Baseball Shelter With Secure Rollup Curtain Sidewalls/Doors | AL-BE Curtains LLC
Shawano Humane Society Sidewall Rollup Curtain - AL-BE Curtains