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Equestrian Curtains

Add Experience Not Fear!

Riding a horse is about experiencing the moment and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather is not always as cooperative as our ambitions. Fortunately, varying building advancements have allowed for multiple options to create indoor riding arenas. With sidewall curtains we can help enhance this experience to allow you to be part of the outdoors under the comforts of indoor controlled environments.

While this sounds like a perfect afternoon ride on a rainy day, its not that simple. Our experience has proven that the equestrian side of things is different than any of our other markets. Not in regard to animal health or our capabilities, but how horses are affected by moving parts. You cannot just put up a system and expect it to work.

Any and all movement affects each breed of horses differently and each system has to be adapted differently depending on the specific breeds of horses and the facility. While we can never eliminate all curtain movement, we can design and implement a system which reduces curtain movement due to wind and curtain operation.

If you would like to increase your indoor riding experiences, contact us today!

We Help You Showcase Your Facility


We know there is an extra effort and expense taken in most equestrian facilities. The last thing you want is to add a sidewall curtain which has a poor quality look and function to it.

We can avoid this by offering a seamless and classy look to your curtain system by offering an enhancement in color options and fabric options.

On All Equestrian Systems:
  • All aluminum extrusions which offer a clean look
  • Always use windpipes to enhance the look and eliminate rope whip in the wind
  • Facility evaluation to determine the most appropriate system which will maximize looks, function and reduce costs and curtain movements
  • System custom built to eliminate curtain movements

Enhancement Options:

  • Offer galvanized or stainless steel paint options for our brackets instead of our standard black colored brackets
  • Offer a heavier fabric (20-28 oz) with an outer sheen coating to help eliminate dirt attracting onto the fabric
  • Offer fully automated motor drives which can incorporate timers, temperature sensors, rain sensors, humidity sensors and wind sensors
  • Fabric tie-downs to help eliminate curtain movement when not being operated
  • Fabric color options to help match the looks of your facility
  • Offer fire retardant fabrics in case your facility is commercially operated
Single Rollup 28oz High Sheen Vinyl Curtain on Horse Arena - AL-BE Curtains

Sidewalls Closed During A Winter Storm, Couldn't Even Tell Inside - AL-BE Curtains

Rollup Sidewall Curtains On A Horse Riding Arena  Allows For "Environmental Control" For All Year Horse Riding - AL-BE Curtains