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Overshot Curtains

Affordable Ridgevents!

If you have followed us in the past, you will know that we were investing time and resources into providing a competitive ridgevent system which will not freeze, be easy to use, be state of the art and be cost effective. While we were on track to be about 23% below costs in comparison to competitive alternatives, we realized the overall benefits still did not match up. After talking to farmers, there were common complaints; cost, too much sun enters the barn that it gets too hot, frozen parts, and often they still get wet feed. We found we can still get the majority of the benefits of the "lighted ridgevents" without the extreme costs. In this case, change was not for the best.

For these many reasons, we have stuck with the proven system of an overshot curtain system which allows for cheaper ridgevents without loosing the benefits. An overshot curtain still allows optimal airflow if used properly. Air can leave the facility while the curtain is open in many positions during all seasons, and if used correctly can deflect driving rains or snow to prevent wet feed.

While the added sunlight can be a common concern depending on the facility, it is still very easier and much cheaper to add a section of corrugated skylights or double walled polycarbonate if moisture is a concern. 

While it is much easier to include an overshot in the design of a new facility, we have been part of retrofit overshots which have been proven to be extremely successful in reducing moisture within facilities. While retrofit facilities often do not have condensation barriers and insulation in the roof, we cannot promise to be your savior. However it is not impossible to improve an outdated design. We can help!