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Curtain Systems

Some of our most popular (but not all) system combinations

Double Rollup: 

A versatile system which allows you to easily detract airflow away from animals while still deflecting roof runoff to eliminate moisture issues. The double rollup is the most popular and often times the most economical because it extends the gear-drive capabilities and fabric life.
Double Rollup | AL-BE Curtains LLC

Top Drop, Bottom Rollup: 

A popular system for retrofit systems. Often times pulleys and brackets can be reused for the top system, while the bottom half is retrofited to a rollup to eliminate the big bunch of fabric; catching rain, dirt, manure and housing rodents.
Top Drop, Bottom Rollup | AL-BE Curtains LLC

Single Rollup: 

Sometimes the sidewall is too short, or the application requests just a single system. This is very common in horse arenas, poultry and swine facilities. For horse arenas is offers less moving systems helping jumping stallions. While poultry and swine facilities often require a frequent change of fabric due to reducing disease. Our keder tube type of systems make it easy to keep the harware and replace the fabric when needed.
Single Rollup, Horse Arena Curtain, Ag Curtains, Dairy Curtain, Barn Curtain  | AL-BE Curtains LLC

Top Drop and Roll, Bottom Rollup: 

The best of all worlds! Veterinarians love when a curtains system drops from the top to help push air as far away from the animals as possible. With the curtain rolling up while it lowers, there is no concern about rodent housing or catching of water. The bottom curtain allows for shade in the summer. In this particular photo, the top curtain fabric is transparent to allow increased sunlight, while the bottom curtain is a white translucent to cover manure splatter next to the barn's walkway.
Top Drop & Roll, Bottom Roll up, Ag Curtains, Dairy Barn Curtains, 16' sidewall curtain  | AL-BE Curtains LLC

Standard Suspension System: 

The old trustworthy system. While it is not the most optimal system or always a recommended system, it is easy to replace existing fabric if the hardware is still in working order or if the system needs to match the looks and operation of the remainder of the building.
Dairy Barn Suspension Curtain  - AL-BE Curtains

Triple Functioning Center Drop and Roll (AL-BE Exclusive): 

This system does the same thing as three different systems and does it all with one motor drive and do need for a center board. This system rolls from the center but operates as a Top Drop and Roll, a Bottom Rollup and as a Suspension System. This exclusive system allows the draft to go above the animals, completely open for uninterrupted air flow, or can be used for great shade during the hot days of summer.
AL-BE Exclusive Center Drop And Roll Curtain System, Rollup, Suspension, Center Roll, Drop and Roll  - AL-BE Curtains

View the many positions of our EXCLUSIVE one system
Triple Functioning Center Drop and Roll below



Why AL-BE?

All of our systems are designed specifically to your facility for optimal ventilation. We offer many curtain systems, and service all systems. All of our systems are made with the highest quality products.

We Offer:
  • 18-28 ounce UV inhibited vinyl fabrics (White or Transparent)
  • Only Heat Welded seams, Never Sewn!
  • Heaviest aluminum extrusions on the market (Proprietary)
  • Custom fabricated pipe and rope brackets (0.25" X 2" iron)
  • 1.66" OD HT Galvanized wind pipe (No Conduit)
  • Highest quality hardware and fasteners
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Multiple systems with near endless combinations
  • AL-BE Exclusive systems
  • Completely Automated Systems available 
  • New, Replacement or Retrofit (We do it all)
  • Heavier hardware and fabrics to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Reliable systems that will last when you need them, and the service to back it up
  • A simple, clean system that does not droop or attract moisture and rodents, leaving your facility cleaner and safer
  • Local company that has all parts on hand! No more waiting 6 weeks for replacement parts
  • Over 30 years of direct farming experience plus 20 years of consulting experience from our salesman

Standard Sidewall Curtain Applications:

  • Agriculture:
    • Dairy Barn Curtains
    • Ag & Beef Barn Curtains
  • Equestrian:
    • Riding Arena Curtains
    • Horse Stable Curtains
  • Other Farming:
    • Goat Barn Curtains
    • Mink Barn Curtains
    • Swine Barn Curtains
    • Poultry Barn Curtains
  • Specialty:
    • Dog Kennel Curtains
    • Shelter Sidewalls/Doors


If you are looking for a quality system at a reasonable price, without all of the "Bull" you get from the other guys, then get in contact with AL-BE today!