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About AL-BE

A "No Bull" Company

AL-BE Curtains is a family owned and operated company located in central (New London) Wisconsin. We bring hands-on knowledge and experience to your facility. Owners Al and Bev Hoffmann have over 30 years of experience operating a dairy facility with over 20 years consulting, fabricating and installing of Sidewall Flex Curtains in the Upper Midwest, Canada and Turkey. Our knowledgeable installation team offers superior quality with precise attention to detail to all of your system's components.   

We customize sidewall curtains and overshot ridgevent curtain systems to provide one of the highest Return On Invest systems available today. We combine quality, innovation and knowledge to maximize air exchange, climate control, animal comfort and production.  There is no middle man!  We do not have a dealer network adding additional expense to your project. We manufacture our systems in-house with the highest quality assurance. Guaranteed! Our vast inventory allows us to get products to you in a very short amount of time. No more waiting 6 weeks for replacement parts.

We only use the highest quality fabrics, hardware, containment wind pipes, extrusions (proprietary), brackets and motors. This ensures a system that lasts with minimal maintenance and repair. However if anything ever does go wrong, we have one of the best service teams available after the sale to back our products.  We want to keep your facility up and running!

We specialize in Double Roll-up and Center Drop and Roll (AL-BE EXCLUSIVE) curtain systems which offer near endless ventilation control; yet offer nearly every other system as well.  We put the draft away from the animal while exchanging moisture, disease, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and other harmful gases. What you get is a healthy, productive herd with the manipulation of natural ventilation without the excessive expense of inefficient forced air!

Contact us today for consultation and design before construction, or we can determine the best system for your replacement and/or retrofit project. 



AL-BE: Where “NO BULL” is a stance on sales, not artificial insemination!